Having trouble with nosey neighbours? Tired of people seeing in your windows or walking across your property? Or maybe you’re just sick of an unsightly view from your kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Our hedging plants are the instant solution to all your privacy, screening and garden fence needs. As maturing, pre-established plants, they have the growth and size to be an effective hedge as soon as they are planted in your garden.

All it takes after delivery is for you to plant your trees to experience your instant hedge or fence. Better still, some of our plant species grow beautiful flowers that can be a perfect addition to your garden during the spring Carnival of Flowers.

Lilly Pilly Hedges Delivered Directly to Your Front Door

Our Lilly Pilly hedge plants are a best seller. Their popularity stems from how easy they are to care for, and how well they create hedges with their healthy, bushy leaves.

All of our quality plants are excellent options for gardens all over Australia, but our range of Lilly Pilly species in particular ticks all the boxes for hedging height, shape and maintenance.

Lilly Pilly Big Red 300mm

The Best Hedge Varieties for Toowoomba

Screening Plants for Queensland Sun

Grown only a few hours away on the Sunshine Coast, all our hedging plants are accustomed to Toowoomba’s Queensland climate.

As pre-established trees and shrubs, they have already weathered the heat of a hot summer and a freezing cold snap in winter.

Even better, they make the perfect backdrop for the flowers in Spring (some of our plants will even grow to feature their own!).

The Easiest Hedging Solution

Privacy, zoning, garden appeal, shade and fencing are just some of the reasons people look for hedging plants. What makes ours stand out is that they are already developed and are more like a tree than a little baby plant. 

With fast delivery to cities along the East Coast of Australia, once you plant our plants in the ground, it doesn’t take long for them to establish and turn into the perfect hedging and fencing solution.

Easier than starting from scratch…

In purchasing your plants from us, there will be no hassle involved with growing seedlings and small plants, worrying about their health and survival or waiting long periods for them to be big enough to start doing their job. Our plants are ready to go.

Lilly Pilly Elite

Hedge Plants for Toowoomba's Soil

The local Carnival of Flowers, well known by gardeners all over Australia, is proof alone that Toowoomba’s soil is fertile and perfect for trees, gardens and plants.

For example, our Resilience trees often reach 2 metres high in their first year after planting and can grow up to 4 metres high when used as a screen. They require full sun for only half the day, and once they are established, rainfall is usually enough to keep them going.

Unlike some shrubs, pruning is only required if you desire to shape and reign them in!

All our hedges will grow well in the local soil. If you are concerned about your soil for the healthy growth of your plant, the main thing to consider is ground drainage.

What if you have poor ground drainage or wet soil?

If your lawn is swampy and the water doesn’t drain well, the soil can easily become quite clumpy and is likely made up of clay. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as some plants (like the Lilly Pilly) can thrive in this kind of position.

Unless it’s extreme, the soil is unlikely to have a major impact on your plant’s survival or impact its efficiency of growth.

Privacy Plants for Toowoomba Homes

If you are beginning the search for trees and shrubs to make the perfect hedge for your home – we have the ideal solution you are looking for. Our hedges are cultivated specifically to make instant privacy screens and hedges.

Grown only a few hours away in our Queensland nursery, our wide range of plant options offer a variety of features to choose from. Whether you are looking for something fast-growing, a plant with beautiful leaves or specific flower colour, you’ll find the best trees and shrubs for hedges on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver your plants ready to plant and enjoy. It is a simple process of positioning the plants, digging the holes, putting in the plants, cover the tree roots and water.

Click here for a detailed hedge planting guide, especially if this is your first experience with hedges and these plant species.

If privacy is your main concern, often this will dictate where you position your plants. If not, we do recommend that you plant the hedges in areas that will be in full sun for at least half the day. Toowoomba’s locals will know about the heat that can come with summer, but don’t worry – these hedging plants will thrive in the full sun. So long as they are watered on the especially hot days, the more sun they get, the more dense and bushy their leaves become.

Planting in the shade…

If you are planting in a particularly shady spot, our recommendation would be to opt for the Murraya variety as it copes the best with more shade when full sun is not an option. This species also comes with the added feature of beautifully perfumed white flowers.


We have hand-selected all our plant options specifically because they are excellent hedging solutions that grow well in our Australian climate. So while you can’t go wrong, it is worth a search through our website to discover which plants are best suited to your garden.

Still got questions?
If our online information doesn’t help you decide, or if you still have questions, you can jump on the phone and chat with one of our friendly gardening experts who will find the right choice for you.

Each hedging or screening plant variety will come with its own particular care instructions. Generally, most of our hedge plants enjoy sunny positions and should ideally be planted somewhere they will be in the sun for at least half the day. The more sun they receive, the thicker they tend to grow, giving you better privacy.

Pruning and trimming are not necessarily required but can be done to encourage growth or to shape them to a certain height or size.

Our hedging plants are usually very low maintenance to care for, but if you are concerned about what is involved in your plant choice,  contact us for more information and help to make your decision.

Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Large, advanced plants ready for your garden.

Delivered direct from the grower

Hide your neighbours or bad view

Beautify and add value to your home

Enjoy a fence that breathes, cleans and cools

Create your space

Enjoy Home Privacy with Hedging and Screening Plants

If you need privacy fast, or need a hedge or screen to create privacy, shade or a beautifully landscaped yard, you can’t go past our range of advanced plants. There is no need to wait for them to grow, and you can see the instant effect in your garden.

Shop our wide range of hedging and screening plants to find the perfect solution for your home.

View our complete range
of advanced hedge plants

When you order your plants from Hedging and Screening, you are purchasing a high-quality product for your property. Your privacy hedge plants are hand-picked, with performance and value for your money in mind. Browse through our selection of Lilly Pillys, Murrayas or other hedge varieties to choose the best plants for your yard. Once you have decided on the height requirement necessary to create adequate privacy for your home, pick between a variety of colours, leaf shapes, and seasonal availability.

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