Answers to all your hedging & screening questions

Everything you need to know about an instant hedge or screen for your home!

Why shouldn’t you buy advanced plants is the better question!

Buying advanced plants gives you the ability to plant an instant hedge! No need to worry about waiting for the plants to slowly grow. No need to stress about caring for a delicate little seedling that you might have purchased from elsewhere.

Our large plants are strong, hardy and robust. They are grown in the lovely Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They are grown in full sun and by the time we sell them to you – they are ready to be planted straight into the ground to form your instant hedge or instant screen


You can choose from a variety of sizes – but all our plants are well established and ready to plant straight away.

No need to wait years for your hedge to grow… simply purchase, plant and enjoy!

The options are endless!

You can create an instant hedge for your garden.

You can hide the ugly parts of your garden such as unsightly waste bins or water tanks.

Get instant privacy from your neighbours or plant your instant hedge out the front of your house to provide instant privacy from people driving past.

A lush green hedge provides instant street appeal when planted out the front of your home – you can go from the ugly duckling to the smartest house on the street in a day with our instant hedging and screening plants.

We have a minimum order of 10 plants but you can mix and match from all of our options, not all 10 plants have to be the same.


We have advanced plant delivery options that extend from the Sunshine Coast right down to Melbourne.

You can learn more about our delivery options here.


Start by browsing our selection of plants and learning about the different options.

Consider what size of plant you might want? Where are you going to plant your new hedge or screen? Do you need the plants to be quite large? About as tall as yourself? Or is a bit shorter ok?  They generally come in Large or Super Large size.

Consider where you want to plant your new instant hedge? These plants do best with full sun. You can read more about how to grow and care for a hedge – this will provide a lot of information that will help you decide what plant is right for you.

Finally… if in doubt… consider going with one of our best sellers! You really cant go wrong!

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