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Who we are

We’re a small team of experts with a massive background in horticulture. We’re based on the Sunshine Coast and over the years we noticed a real gap in the market when it came to screening and privacy for homes and commercial properties. There were screens and hedges available, but they were of extremely variable quality and so didn’t offer the security, noise-dampening and privacy we thought customers needed and deserved from this great family of plants.
Your Hedging & Screening Plant Experts Home Hedge

What we did

We decided to concentrate on the plant species we knew were the best for growing the densest and thickest foliage. We wanted to offer only the premium selection of species that we knew were hardy and bullet-proof. By focusing on the best performers we could guarantee the results that people can expect – whichever one of our species they choose. Additionally, specialising helps us to keep our costs low.

What we do now

Our years of expertise mean that we can grow thick, lush hedge and screen plants. We trim repeatedly before they are ready for sale to make sure that they are as densely-leaved as possible. Our nursery is set up to grow and develop the most successful and fastest-growing species, so if you look at our range and think it’s narrow, you must remember that the species we offer are the best of the best.

How we can help

We don’t set out to advise you about the best species for you and your garden, as our range is tough and lush. Our bushes and trees come to you at a good instant impact starting size and after a few weeks of some TLC at establishment, you will be surprised at how tough and maintenance free they are.

Who we supply

Our main growing nursery is on the Sunshine Coast, so our plants are in full day Queensland sun and are garden-ready. We supply directly to online customers, so we can keep your costs down. As long as you keep to our minimum order amount (10 plants) and are in our defined delivery areas. Delivery on our home turf is free. If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne we can still help and we can bring the plants right to your garden (shipping cost applies). We can’t as yet supply to anywhere outside our defined areas.

Why choose us?

  • You’ll get a fuller plant. It’s taken longer to grow, but it’ll do its job from the get-go;
  • We’ve always got sufficient quantities of plants in stock as we’re essentially wholesalers. We aim to get your plants to you the week following ordering – there’s no waiting around;
  • We’ve grown your plants for longer and with more care. Each plant is trimmed and cultivated by us so it’s as thick and uniform as possible – this is essential for a fully-functioning hedge or screen.
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