Increase the value of your property when you plant a row of 300mm or 400mm Murraya hedges delivered by our Sunshine Coast based company, Hedging and Screening. Transform your backyard into a rich landscape of privacy, beauty, and shade when you surround your home with Murraya hedges.

Murraya plants are native to the warm landscape of Asia and are a member of the citrus family Rutaceae. They are also known as Mock Orange, Jasmine Orange, Honey Bush or Orange Jessamine. These shade-producing hedges thrive in the Australian heat and typically grow to be three or four meters tall. Their marble-smooth green leaves radiate in the sun while providing you with cool shade throughout the summer months. Many people delight in the delicate white blossoms that adorn Murraya hedges because they produce a fragrant honey smell within the surrounding air. Because these hedge plants grow so quickly, their dense bushes work wonders to enhance the privacy of your home or garden.

After your screen plants are delivered by Hedging and Screening and planted in your care, you will instantly benefit from the serene shelter your Murraya’s provide. These privacy screening plants thrive in many environments but may do especially well with well-draining soil and light pruning in the autumn season.

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instant hedgeMurraya Super Advanced 400mm

Murraya SUPER ADVANCED 400mm pot size

Also available in a smaller size – Murraya Large 300mm pot size
$1,480.00 for 10 plants or $148.00 each
Minimum Order: 10 total plants (mix & match any variety)
instant hedgeMurraya-Paniculata-300mm

Murraya Large 300mm pot size

Orange Jessamine or Mock Orange
Also available: Super Advanced Murraya Paniculata 400mm
$680.00 for 10 plants or $68.00 each
Minimum Order: 10 total plants (mix & match any variety)

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