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Look no further for the best hedging plants Gold Coast wide. With a huge range of excellent quality, well-established screening trees, you can order plants to become instant screens and hedges in your yard. They arrive ready to plant on delivery to your property.

Our friendly team provide a great service, with a delivery service guarantee of a maximum one-week turnaround to the Gold Coast. Delivered directly from the nursery, our trees and plants have already grown healthy foliage to instantly add appeal to your home, extra privacy from the street, or shade from the sun.

Stunning Lilly Pilly Hedges for Your Garden

Lilly Pilly shrubs are one of the most popular choices for hedging and screening. Their leafy growth and foliage provide an excellent solution for instant privacy year round. They are fast to provide new growth and grow quite quickly with regular pruning.

If you are looking for garden plants that provide both privacy and beauty to your garden, we highly recommend our Lilly Pilly plants. The Lilly Pilly flowers add an extra level of elegance to your hedges, and the berries attract birds and natural wildlife. They come at approximately 1.1-1.3 metres and grow quickly to approximately 2 metres after a year, to 3-4 metres in the future.

Lilly Pilly Big Red 300mm

The Best Hedge Plants for Gold Coast Homes

Our wide range of screening trees and hedging plants offer a fantastic solution for Gold Coast homes and gardens. We have purposely chosen the plants that are available in our nursery as they can be delivered in excellent condition, with bushy foliage that creates instant privacy.

Our Gold Coast customers rave about the quality of our plants and the efficient, helpful service from our team. From the very beginning of your plant selection process, they can offer advice, and help you select the right trees, shrubs and plants for your property.

Instant Privacy for Your Property

No matter how much you love your neighbours, privacy is still important. No one wants people walking across their lawn, looking into their house, or to be looking out onto the street from their bedroom. Whether you need privacy to cover the view through your windows, or to make a border on your property, our hedging and screening plants create instant privacy.

Our trees come ready grown at over a metre high, with most reaching 1.5-2 metres in the first year. All you need to do is plant them after delivery to see instant results. Not only are they easier than building a fence, they are more beautiful and environmentally friendly with popular options like our Lilly Pilly trees growing flowers and foliage that attract native wildlife.

You don’t have to wait years for a tree to grow to cover the view in from your window when you can plant an instant hedge with our advanced plants. Our high-quality plants are delivered straight from our nursery to your garden, ready to plant and make an instant privacy screen.

Hedge Plants for Gold Coast Soil

If you live in a warm climate, you may find that your home gets quite a bit of sun. This can be problematical in a number of ways. For one thing, it can make your home quite hot, making it uncomfortable to spend time inside without running the air con.

A long-lasting solution for this is to plant hedges around the perimeter of your home. Hedge plants are ideal for creating both privacy and shade. 

Screening Plants that Thrive in Warm Climates

Our screening plants are all grown in our Glass House nursery on the Sunshine Coast. This makes them the perfect choice for Gold Coast soil and climates, as they are already acclimated to the humid, South Eastern Queensland conditions.

Lilly Pilly Elite

Quick Tips on Caring for Gold Coast Hedges:

The most important soil consideration for your hedging and screening plants is ground drainage and how they are planted.


Clay soils can hold a lot of water, while sandy soils drain very quickly. The best soil for most plants is loamy soil, which is a type halfway between the two.

To find out what sort of soil type you have, look at your lawn after a heavy downpour of rain and see how quickly the water drains. If your garden remains soggy for a longer period of time, it may have a lot of clay in it. If it barely holds water, it will likely be sandy.

To tell if it is the ideal loamy type of soil, squeeze a handful of wet soil and it should crumble slightly. Clay will clump together and sand will fall apart. Our plants are well suited to most Gold Coast soils, but if you are worried about your soil, talk to one of our friendly plant specialists today.


Established trees and plants should always be planted at a depth where the roots are completely covered. If they are planted too shallow, the roots will struggle to take and it will affect your plant’s health. The best way to plant our screening trees is to dig holes bigger than the root-ball, making the top of the root-ball level with the ground.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number one differentiator between our plants is that ours are established, advanced plants that are grown specifically to become an instant screen or hedge. Plants from your local nursery will likely be small and take time to grow to the size of our trees. Ours come ready to go, with friendly customer service to help you get the right plants, with fast delivery right down the East Coast of Australia.

Our hedging trees and shrubs have already grown to a significant size before they arrive, meaning they have already made it past the most high-risk, early season of growth. They will still need some tender love and care after being planted in your garden, but you will find they are easier to take care of than trying to grow something from a smaller size.

Click here for more tips on how to take care of your hedges and how to help them grow quickly.

Each of our plants will have slightly different needs, but we have chosen the varieties on offer as they are the ideal plants for our Australian climate. They can grow in our hot summer sun, and last through a winter season. Grown in our QLD nursery, they are the perfect hedging solution.

Click here for a full guide on planting and caring for your hedge.

All the options in our nursery are good! We have hand selected every tree, bush or shrub because it is a quality plant that has the right foliage for instant privacy. There are no duds. They all do well in our Australian climate. A few of our varieties have flowers in spring, so make sure you look at each plant to ensure you are happy with the look they’ll bring your home.

Our plants are advanced in growth and ready to be delivered at any time of the year. If you are in a colder climate, we sometimes recommend waiting until the warmer spring or summer months, but that’s only if it’s very cold and the area you are planting in receives limited sun. The Gold Coast climate is perfect for our hedges at almost any time of the year, as our nursery is based in a similar climate.

If you are just beginning to look for a hedging and screening solution, we recommend having a browse through our website and the plants we have on offer. You can also see the fantastic reviews of our high quality services and delivery from happy customers.

If you’re still not sure what you’re looking for, our friendly service assistants and garden specialists are more than happy to chat with you on the phone and provide advice on what would work on your property.

Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Large, advanced plants ready for your garden.

Delivered direct from the grower

Hide your neighbours or bad view

Beautify and add value to your home

Enjoy a fence that breathes, cleans and cools

Create your space

Enjoy Home Privacy with Hedging and Screening Plants

If you need privacy fast, or need a hedge or screen to create privacy, shade or a beautifully landscaped yard, you can’t go past our range of advanced plants. There is no need to wait for them to grow, and you can see the instant effect in your garden.

Shop our wide range of hedging and screening plants to find the perfect solution for your home.

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of advanced hedge plants

When you order your plants from Hedging and Screening, you are purchasing a high-quality product for your property. Your privacy hedge plants are hand-picked, with performance and value for your money in mind. Browse through our selection of Lilly Pillys, Murrayas or other hedge varieties to choose the best plants for your yard. Once you have decided on the height requirement necessary to create adequate privacy for your home, pick between a variety of colours, leaf shapes, and seasonal availability.

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