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Fast growing with large leathery bright green lustrous foliage. At times of the year I swear someone polishes the leaves, so glossy.. Landscapers love this plant when they need a meaty full look fast, Large clusters of white flowers attract anything that likes nectar and the whole plant can buzz and vibrate with nectar action in a big flowering season. Needs a bit more trimming to keep as a hedge, but a great hedge it makes! (minimum of half day sun).


$54.00 each

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Viburnum Emerald Lustre 300mm Pot Size

Hedge: Suitable for 1 to 3m in Height. Space @ 75cm to 1m apart (the closer spacing will maximise density low down)
Screen: 3 to 4m height. Space @ 1.25 to 3m apart (the closer spacing will maximise density low down)
Supplied Detail: 300mm Pot (15 litre) Height 1m to 1.3m out of the pot.

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10 Plants


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