Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Block out your neighbours, cover up an ugly fence, create more privacy and add beautiful plants to your garden all with our ready-made hedging and screening plants.

Our plants are pre-grown, established plants that become instant hedges and screens when planted in your garden. You don’t have to wait years for small plants to grow – our hedging plants are tall enough to create shade and privacy from the day they arrive.

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying the best shrubs for privacy, but we have hand-selected the specific plants in our range to ensure you are choosing from the best plant options available. Not all shrubs create the same privacy effect or are as easy to care for as others, so we have created a range of the best low-maintenance solutions that will be perfect for your garden.

Lilly Pilly Hedges Grown in the Glass House Mountains

Based in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, our nursery is nestled in the Glass House Mountains. Our team grows and nurtures each plant that is then delivered directly to you, with deliveries all the way down the East coast, including Sydney and Melbourne.

The number one advantage of using our advanced plants is that they are pre-grown. You don’t have to wait years after planting to see a return on your hard work. You can get instant privacy and screening on the day they are delivered. Our fully grown privacy screen hedge plants are the fastest option for increased privacy using green foliage that can tie in beautifully with any garden.

Lilly Pilly Big Red 300mm

The Best Hedge Varieties for Sydney

New South Wales’ weather can reach all kinds of extremes, so we only grow selected hedging plants that we know can withstand our harsh Australian climate. Our hedging and screening plants love the summer heat and sun and thrive anywhere that they can get the full sun for at least half the day.

As already established plants, the risk you face when otherwise planting a line of small baby plants and having some not survive is greatly reduced. Our plants will still need some extra care in the early days as their roots establish, but they will be strong and ready to face off any extreme New South Wales weather in no time. Additionally, in the unlikely circumstance that a plant in your hedge becomes damaged or dies and needs replacing, you won’t have to start from scratch to fill the gap with our already established, tall plants.

Hedge Varieties that Grow Best in Sydney Soil

All our plants are strong and hardy plants that can grow in most types of Australian soil. There are, however, two main soil types in Sydney that will give you a gardener’s green thumb advantage for caring for and choosing the best plants for your garden.

  1. Clay soils

Clay soil types are common in Sydney and have lower levels of water drainage. This soil is, however, extremely high in nutrients for plants. If you have this type of soil you might notice that after lots of rain it takes a while for the water to drain on your lawn.

Lilly Pilly plants are popular screening plants that cope better than most in areas with poor drainage. They will also love the nutrient-rich soil and will reward you with glossy green leaves to create a dense screen for privacy.

  1. Sandy soils

Sandy soil types have much higher drainage, but as a result, don’t hold as many nutrients for plants. Any plants in this type of soil will benefit from regular fertilising to increase their nutrient intake and help with encouraging lush green foliage.

Our range of Murraya screening plants love well drained soil and are a popular option for Sydney gardens as they are easy to maintain and only require light pruning if desired to keep it in shape or encourage new green growth. They also give off a gorgeous honey scent that create a beautiful aroma in your garden.

How do I tell which soil type I have?

Most soil types in Sydney will match well with any of our plants, and a lot of areas will likely have a mix of clay and sandy types anyway.

If you are curious what type you have, short of going to the effort and expense of having your soil professionally tested, you can try an easy DIY test to give you a rough idea of what you are working with to give your plants extra love and care.

Take a handful of damp soil from your garden (ideally after a couple of days of rain) and squeeze it. If it crumbles when you open your hand, you likely have a sandy type of soil. If it clumps together it is more likely to have clay in it. If it stays clumped together and doesn’t crumble when you poke at it, that is a sign that it has high levels of clay and your plants may benefit from some more soil care before planting (eg. mixing through some organic waste to increase the drainage).

Lilly Pilly Elite

Garden Direct Lilly Pilly Hedges

Get an instant hedging solution with our popular, best selling Lilly Pilly varieties. They come in two sizes; advanced and super-advanced. Starting at just under a meter tall for an advanced Lilly Pilly, or between 1.1-1.3 meters for a super-advanced plant, they are a fast growing screening plant that will usually grow another 50% in height in the first year.

They are native Australian plants with a deep green foliage colour that contrast beautifully with their lovely bright pink, purple or white berries. Some Lilly Pilly berries are edible, however, we don’t advise eating these. The berries can, however, attract wildlife, birds and other pollinators to your garden.

Our Murraya variety is another fast growing option that is popular in Sydney for instant hedging and screening. Like the Lilly Pilly, it comes in both advanced and super-advanced sizes and can grow up to 3 metres tall (if you want them to). These plants have bushy leaves that have a great plant density for privacy and shade.

Get your instant hedge straight from our Glass House Mountain garden to your Sydney home. We make regular delivery trips to Sydney, and for only $240 per pallet, we can deliver these ready grown screening plants directly to your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All the plant varieties in our shop are grown specifically because they are good for hedging. Our company is focused entirely on growing plants for hedges, so you can’t go wrong with choosing one of our varieties for your garden. It’s what we are here for.

Our plants and shrubs are often praised as the best plants for your garden because they are already established and create an instant solution for your privacy needs. You don’t have to wait years for them to grow tall and dense enough to create a screen; they come ready to grow and most continue to grow quickly. With regular deliveries to Sydney, you can have a hedge in your garden in no time at all.

The best part about our plants is that they are already grown! You don’t have to plant small, baby plants and wait years for them to be big enough to create shade and privacy – they come ready to go.

Most of our varieties are fast growing, but the Lilly Pilly is often a popular choice and will grow roughly another 50% in its first year in your garden.

If you have a specific privacy worry that you need fixed fast and are worried about making the right choice, check out the many resources on our website with more information about all our plants or give our friendly team a call to help you find your perfect fit.

Planting your hedge is a fairly simple process and doesn’t take an expert or experienced gardener, though you could always engage a landscaper or labourer if you’d prefer to outsource the work.

We have a full planting guide on our how-to page but simply put, planting involves ideally a few days of preparing the soil, placing them out to determine where they will go, digging, planting and watering.

All our plants are considered low maintenance hedge solutions. They love to be planted in the sun (ideally full sun or only part shade), they like well drained soil and occasional pruning (depending on the size and shape you want your hedge to take).

To work out what the best hedge plant will be for your garden, consider things like size, soil types, drainage, and look. Some of our hedge plants grow beautiful flowers with all different colours that might suit the other plants in your garden better than others. For example, our Gardenia Magnifica is smaller than the popular Lilly Pilly or Murraya hedges and grows gorgeous white flowers with a strong beautiful scent. Alternatively, our Meterosiderous Little Dugald species has even more dense and bushy leaves with bright red bottle brush-like flowers that birds and wildlife love.

Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Large, advanced plants ready for your garden.

Delivered direct from the grower
Hide your neighbours or bad view
Beautify and add value to your home
Enjoy a fence that breathes, cleans and cools
Create your space

Enjoy Home Privacy with Hedging and Screening Plants

You will be amazed at the difference of buying our already grown hedging plants for privacy. You won’t have to worry about planting and caring for baby plants, while waiting years to get any benefit from your hard work (all while hoping they all survive and don’t leave you with gaps in the hedge!).

Get an instant solution for covering an ugly fence, views of neighbours or people walking on your grass with our pre-grown hedging and screening plants.

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