Create a beautiful garden and add privacy to your home with Hedging and Screening on the Sunshine Coast. Our fast-growing, established hedging plants offer the perfect solution for coastal homes and apartments. Whether you’re buying a new home in a popular suburb of the Sunshine Coast or simply wanting to escape to your own natural oasis, hedging plants are the best way to enhance your living space.

 Growing plants from scratch can be a time consuming and frustrating process that requires copious amounts of your attention. Even after months of growing pass, your plants may still not be the right density or height to provide the screening and privacy that you need. We take the grunt work and guessing game out of your garden planning with our range of hedging and screening plants.

Not all shrubs are created equally, and they are not all manufactured for privacy or the salty soils of the Sunshine Coast. Our fast-growing hedging plants are ready to go from the day that they’re installed in your garden, providing the screen, windbreak and beautiful aesthetic that you’ve been looking for.

Choose Lilly Pilly Hedges for Your Privacy Screen

Hedging and Screening is a family-orientated and local business based out of the Sunshine Coast. Before we sold privacy hedges, we worked many years servicing gardens within and beyond Queensland. 

As we planted, we noticed a need for natural and fast-growing screening bushes for Australian homes. The screening available was often lacking the height and density that is needed for true noise-dampening, privacy and shade. Our passion for horticulture led us to the Glass House Mountains where the lush sunlight produces strong and healthy hedge bushes. This resulted in a coming together of like-minded horticulture professionals who began growing a range of hardy, flowering, fast-growing and climate suitable hedges and natural screens to offer to homeowners across Australia. 

Now, there is no need to wait to get the privacy and comfort that you’re longing for in your garden, thanks to our direct delivery of top quality, lush and beautiful screen plants. The warm climate, clean air and high humidity of the Glass House Mountains provides a perfect home base for our screening and hedge plants, giving them a great starting point for a long life of glossy, green leaves and dense foliage.

Lilly Pilly Big Red 300mm

The Best Hedge Varieties for the Sunshine Coast

Our hedges are developed to withstand the unique weather conditions in the Sunshine Coast, whether they’re positioned in full sun or part shade. It is well known among the horticulture community that few plants surpass the Lilly Pilly variety of plants for the Sunny Coast’s hot summers and mild winters. This hardy shrub gives home-owners a beautiful privacy screen that is both full in its foliage density and height. In addition to the dense leaves provided by this shade plant, it produces both flowers and berries that are pleasing to look at. 

Click here to read more about why the Lilly Pilly variety is perfect for your Sunshine Coast backyard.

Screening Plants for Sunshine Coast Summers

Australia has a climate unlike anywhere in the world, and we have dedicated our careers to understanding what makes Australian plants thrive. In the space of 12 months, Sunshine Coast homes can experience anything from drought to flood, and no matter where you are in the country – plants that are resilient to full sun are a must.

Because our plants begin their life in sunny Queensland, they are grown to blossom even in the most unpredictable conditions. We take the time and effort to grow your plants with profound care so that they are ready to do their job when they arrive on your lawn. Rest easy knowing that our screening plants will allow you to enjoy both shade from the Australia sun and privacy from your neighbours, the moment that they arrive.

Hedge Varieties that Grow Best in Sunshine Coast Soil

The Sunshine Coast is full of biodiversity and the soil stretching across this region allows for beautiful trees, plants, and animals to thrive. The salt content within your land’s soil will reflect your proximity to the beach. However, the ph balance and mineral content balances out as you move towards the Hinterland. Despite these small variations in the earth, many of our hedge plants will happily grow on your property. 

Our Lilly Pilly range is accustomed to such conditions and is a species that can thrive even in areas with questionable soil. Once this plant is established in the soil, very little maintenance is required, and you’ll likely be surprised at its rate of growth, almost doubling in size within a year.

Natural Screening Solutions for Sunny Coast Homes

You may have been searching for the ideal way to maintain privacy in a high growth suburb or to create a style of your own within your block. If your home is near a bus stop or tourist walkway, you may find yourself wishing for a way to block access to traffic passing by. A unique alternative to a white picket fence or the perfect cover-up for outdated fences, the results from your native, natural and glossy green hedges will turn heads in all the right ways. 

Our foliage and hardy screen plant varieties are a popular solution for those who want to combine style along with security. Spending time outdoors goes hand in hand with the Australian lifestyle and with our range of natural fence solutions, your outdoor space will look cohesive with the rest of your garden. Our variety of shrub plant options allows you to select the best colours and hedge shapes for many years to come.

Lilly Pilly Elite

Fast Growing Privacy Hedges Delivered to Your Door

We grow your Lilly Pilly plants on site so when they arrive at your door, they are ready to do their job as your breathable, cooling, and stunning hedge. Lilly Pilly hedges grow gorgeous flowers and berries in contrasting colours against its dark green, glossy leaves. Your fully grown Lilly Pilly hedges can reach up to 3 -4 ft in height and 1 metre in width, with excellent density to blind even the nosiest neighbours. Lilly Pilly hedges don’t require much room to grow tall, with their roots resilient to both poor drainage and smaller spaces. 

Our range of hedges and screens can be placed along existing fences, retaining walls, or in a large open space, making them ideal for a range of different property types. In addition to our popular Lilly Pilly range, we offer the classic, well known Murraya Orange Jessamine plant that will invoke memories of grandmas garden as you enjoy complete privacy. The Gardenia Magnifica is perfect for smaller gardens, as it is a species that grows, on average, to waist height. Its small height makes it a popular choice for planting along sidewalks and as a divider between spaces. 

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, quick delivery and wide range of hedges and screens. We are confident that we have a solution for your space, and with our comprehensive range, we can deliver as soon as you order. Our Sunshine Coast customers receive free shipping, with most orders arriving within the week.

For more information on our delivery process, click here or give our customer service crew a call on 1800 30 35 45.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plants tailor-made for hedging is our niche of expertise, so everything within our range is suitable for the job. For low-level hedging – to simply divide spaces and provide a natural boundary, the Gardenia Magnifica is a great hedge solution. 

This small yet dense plant will grow luscious green leaves and pretty pops of white foliage to give your boundaries and private areas a new look and function. Close spacing of this small yet dense species will create an impenetrable hedge that can provide a distinct boundary and give purpose to large open areas. 

All of our hedges and screens are grown to be low maintenance, with just a small amount of pruning and correct placement all that’s needed to keep them thriving. The Lilly Pilly plant is particularly hardy, being native to Australian climates, and when healthy will even provide edible berries. 

Once the Lilly Pilly is established, it can largely be left to its own devices with most owners just keeping them shaped with small amounts of pruning.

This largely depends on the type of foliage and look you are going for, with some offering seasonal flowers and others retaining glossy green leaves year-round. The Lilly Pilly Cascade is a stunning and unique choice that many homeowners love, with red weeping foliage and at times, bunches of pink flowers. 

A splash of colour to set your house apart from the others in your street, this hedge will provide the privacy and point of difference many are seeking for their front garden.

The Lilly Pilly Big Red is one of our most popular choices for a front yard, with gorgeous burgundy growth and hardy, deep coloured leaves. This hedge is more susceptible to year-round growth and will require more regular pruning, but will thrive whichever direction your home faces, either full sun or part shade. 

The big red grows up to 3m in height and has the right amount of depth and density for complete screening and hedge privacy.

Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Large, advanced plants ready for your garden.

Delivered direct from the grower
Hide your neighbours or bad view
Beautify and add value to your home
Enjoy a fence that breathes, cleans and cools
Create your space

Enjoy Luxurious Shade with Hedging and Screening Plants

If you’re ready to lounge in your backyard without feeling like you are being watched, browse our full range of hedges and screens today. Thanks to our fast delivery of dense, hardy, tall and abundant plants that are ready to go, your garden will be looking like new in no time.

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