Beautify your home and enjoy instant privacy with our hedging and screening plants. Our hedging plants are established, fully grown plants that create barriers and screens for privacy. They look good straight away, are low maintenance and don’t take years to grow.

We have a wide variety of plants that can cater to the style of your garden
and whatever privacy needs you have. Not all hedging and privacy plants
are the same, so it’s important that you have the right plant sizes and
options to choose from. Some plants grow quicker than others, and others
grow denser or require regular pruning, but regardless of what you are
looking for, we know you’ll find something beautiful for your home in our

Lilly Pilly Hedges Grown in the Glass House Mountains

Our company is based on the Sunshine Coast, and all our plants are lovingly grown locally in the Glass House Mountains. The warm climate and Glass House sunshine gives our plants unmatched density, making them the best plants for privacy screens and hedges.

You don’t need to wait years for small plants to grow big enough to create a hedge; our plants are already tall and grown to be an instant hedging solution. Delivered directly from the Sunshine Coast, our large pre-grown plants will make your garden come alive and give you an attractive privacy solution.

Lilly Pilly Big Red 300mm

The Best Hedge Varieties for Brisbane

Our plants are grown in Queensland, so we know without a doubt that they can handle the heat. Better still, we know that they will thrive in the warmth of summer and Queensland’s subtropical climate. Our plants are hardy and love the sun.
The sunny Queensland weather makes it easy to care for and maintain our plants. We recommend planting them somewhere that they receive adequate sunlight and are not in shade more than half the day. With some regular pruning and well-drained soil, they will continue to look good and grow more than dense enough to provide excellent shade and privacy screening.

Hedge Plants for Brisbane Soil

While there are a variety of soil types in Brisbane, the majority of suburbs

are blessed with a loamy soil type. Brisbane City Council describes it as ‘Gravelly Red and Yellow loamy topsoils over clay’. As you dig to plant in this soil, you will usually find it is a deep red or yellow colour and is often crumbly. This is a nutrient-rich soil that all our plants will love.

If you are specifically trying to match your plants to the local soil, Brisbane’s soil is additionally known to be very good for a variety of native plants. Our large range of Lilly Pillys are also native to Australia and will thrive in a Brisbane garden.

Privacy Plants for Brisbane Suburbs

With Brisbane’s housing market constantly rising, the suburbs are getting busier and there are more and more developments popping up. You might find your view from the kitchen window is suddenly looking into a new neighbours living room, or that an increase in foot traffic means people are walking all over your front lawn.

Our screening and hedging plants are an excellent solution to maintaining your peace, quiet and privacy. As fully grown plants, you won’t have to wait years to see them make a difference, or worry about small plants being trampled by passers-by. Our tall and bushy plants can keep neighbours off your lawn, cover up unsightly fences, and block out the view of other houses quickly.

Lilly Pilly Elite

Lilly Pilly Hedges Delivered Directly to Your Garden

Lilly Pilly hedges are a popular choice for Brisbane residents. The dark green leaves are eye-catching with contrasting bright berries that can be pink purple or white. Lilly Pilly hedges are an excellent option for instant privacy as they have naturally bushy leaves and can grow 3-4 meters tall and 1 meter in width.

A Lilly Pilly hedge is also a good choice if you are in the Brisbane suburbs with limited space, as they don’t need much room to shoot their roots and survive better than others in areas with low drainage. They are tough, hardy plants that enjoy the Queensland environment and can be used against fences, along walls and in yards and gardens to create a screen between you and your neighbours.

If Lilly Pillys aren’t your flavour, don’t worry – we have a wide range of other plants that can give you the same privacy and will still flourish in Brisbane’s climate. Other popular choices that we deliver to Brisbane include the Murraya, which has a bushier appearance and can grow to be a similar size, or the Gardenia Magnifica as a smaller hedging option.

Whatever your choice, Brisbane residents receive free shipping and delivery when buying 10 or more hedge plants. You can choose all the same plants, or pick an array of different options within the 10 to bring your garden to life. Delivering twice a week, you can have an instant hedging and screening solution in your garden in barely any time at all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The beauty of buying our hedging and screening plants is that we have done most of the waiting for you! Our plants are pre-grown so that you can pick and choose what you like and have it planted at a size that will already give you some privacy.

If you want something that will continue to grow quickly, take a look at our range of Lilly Pilly hedge plants. We deliver them at roughly 1 meter high, and they will grow another 50% in height within the first year, and by the end of their second year, they can be 3+meters tall (if you let them grow that high).

Screening and privacy is what we do, so you can’t go wrong with any of our wide range of plant choices. The Lilly Pilly continues to stand out as a great option for screening, particularly if you are wanting to grow them to a significant height. The Gardenia Magnifica is another great option, as it ties in beautifully with other garden plants, growing gorgeous white flowers, or the Meterosiderous Little Dugald with bright red flowers that attract birds and pollinators.

While all of our plants are fairly low maintenance, the Murraya hedge stands out as a plant that is easy to care for. Native to Asia, it is used to warm climates and grows easily in Queensland. It does particularly well with well-draining soil and light pruning in the autumn months.

Each hedging or screening plant variety will come with its own particular care instructions. Generally, most of our hedge plants enjoy sunny positions and should ideally be planted somewhere they will be in the sun for at least half the day. The more sun they receive, the thicker they tend to grow, giving you better privacy.

Pruning and trimming are not necessarily required but can be done to encourage growth or to shape them to a certain height or size.

Our hedging plants are usually very low maintenance to care for, but if you are concerned about what is involved in your plant choice, contact us for more information and help to make your decision.

Large advanced plants ready for your garden

Large, advanced plants ready for your garden.

Delivered direct from the grower
Hide your neighbours or bad view
Beautify and add value to your home
Enjoy a fence that breathes, cleans and cools
Create your space

Enjoy Home Privacy with Hedging and Screening Plants

If you need privacy fast, or need a hedge or screen to create privacy, shade or a beautifully landscaped yard, you can’t go past our range of advanced plants. There is no need to wait for them to grow, and you can see the instant effect in your garden.

Shop our wide range of hedging and screening plants to find the perfect solution for your home.

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